9. Some Videos

Friday, December 24, 2010

Click HERE to see the following videos:

Here are a few videos from the past few months. They were all made during Pre Service Training. I have fast enough Internet to upload them now. I hope you enjoy!
This first one is from our trip to the sugar beet factory:
This is us learning how to dance a traditional Springtime Ukrainian dance. I have a video of us actually doing it, but for some reason it won’t load on here. But this is us practicing:

This is from the talent show we put on. The first act was us singing “Pidmenula Pidvela,” a traditional Ukrainian folk song. It is about a man wanting to meet up on a date with a girl, but she continually snubs him and doesn’t show up. The words are really silly, and go through the days of the week and they go on dates that rhyme with the days, so the dates end up being really silly places. We had a lot of fun learning/singing the song.

This is the last act from the talent show we put on. There were around 20 acts and the last one was kids from several acts singing together…



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