2. If You Want to Go Far…

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If you want to go far…

days of packing,  
bags stuffed to the breaking point, and  
(mostly) completed to-do list later…. its time to  
How do you fit your whole life into 2 checked bags (50 lbs each) and one small carry on? I know–that’s got to be a trick question because it’s still a mystery to me too. Yet here I am, sick of packing, but finally with my stuff pretty much ready to go. Some things I couldn’t leave without: my ipod, pictures of family and friends, and a couple of my favorite tea/coffee mugs. Unfortunately there were other items that didn’t make the cut- sadly I couldn’t justify taking more than two pairs of lulu lemon pants, my treasured Search binders, or some of my favorite (but lets admit it, unpractical) pairs of shoes.

I can’t believe it’s finally here. It seems like yesterday that I was leaving for my first year at Santa Clara, coming back from living in Paris, deliberating whether or not to apply to Peace Corps, starting senior year, and throwing my graduation cap in the air with my classmates. Yet here I am, just a few hours shy of walking out the front door, never to return again.

Well, never is overreaching a bit, but it does sound more romantic, doesn’t it?!

From here I leave Thursday for Washington DC where I’ll get to see Rae for a few hours (!!!!!!), I’ll meet up with all the other Volunteers in my group (Jess…I’m so excited to see you!!), we have staging/pre-departure orientation for about a day and a half, and on the 25th we’ll leave for Kyiv. I’ll have my phone with me till the afternoon of the 24th…call me and say one last goodbye! I’m going to miss your voices so much!

Gosh…I’m nervous, but so excited. I can’t sleep at night- I’m scared I’ll forget something, and also I’m just so happy to be on my way. It’s going to be an interesting/tough/scary/life-changing/intense/error-filled/amazing couple of years…my nerves can’t take all of that at once! 

But since I expect to be feeling insanely overwhelmed for a quite awhile yet, I’ll try to remember that I’m not alone in my journey. In our hearts and thoughts, we’re all still together. And maybe that’s the answer to the trick question: there is no way to fit your whole life into a couple of checked bags. My life is my friends, my loves, my lessons learned, and all my experiences. And there is no way all that is going to fit into my rolling suitcase or duffel bag. The answer to the question is that you can’t store your life away in two bags of 50lbs each. But there is another way I can keep everything I treasure most with me at every moment: I can tuck it all away in my heart. 

“If you want to go fast, travel alone. But if you want to go far, travel together.”

Plus, maybe and hopefully we can see each other on skype sometimes too. :)

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