She loves Paris, Yoga, and the Sun!
She loves Paris, Yoga, and the Sun!

I love to wander, I love to wonder, and I love to write. So here I am: another wide-eyed adventurer, another world-wise blogger.

I’ve lived half my adult life abroad, and have spent no more than two years in any one place. I just can’t help myself. Traveling, experiencing the exotic and the foreign, being someplace new with someone new is how I best exist in this world.

It’s what inspires me.

And so I’ve created this blog. The world amazes me and astounds me. Sometimes it’s a conversation with an old friend that sets my world ablaze; sometimes it’s the snarky remark of a student in one of my classes; sometimes it’s a beautiful sunset, or a radiant piece of music; sometimes it’s a book or a news article. Regardless, there are times when life overwhelms me.

In those moments–when life befuddles me and bemuse me as she has so many times before–I need to share those thoughts (or photographs or half-formed phrases). And that’s when I come here, to this space, excited to note and to share these glorious new sources of wonder with the world.

***All photos on this blog are taken by me (unless otherwise specifically stated). I consider photography to be an art, and photos to be the property of their artist/creator. Thus, the rights to all photos that appear on this blog belong to me. Contact me before sharing or reproducing them, and always give credit where it is due. Thank you.***


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    1. Thanks Tammela! Sorry it has taken so long for me to respond! I had to take a short break from the blogosphere. But I’m back now, and am excited to post soon about the Sunshine Award!

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