Thank’s, Obama, for the snow day!

It’s March. By this point, even this winter-obsessed girl has begun to tire of the cold. However, I will always say YES to a snow day!

I woke up this morning at 5:30am to an alert that school and work were canceled. Maybe I was too excited by the prospect of a definite snow day, but I couldn’t fall asleep after that. I went down to the living room where I watched the rain (yes rain, there wasn’t even snow yet) fall for awhile. Fast forward to around 8am. Still just rain. “DC’s crazy,” I though. “Are we really getting a snow day when all that will fall is rain?”

But now here we are, 4:30pm, and there is definitely enough snow out there to warrant a break from work and technology, and an excuse to revert to our childhood selves, when playing out in the snow was a simple pleasure that could entertain us for hours.

So, thanks DC for another snow day!


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