Into the Winter

One if by land, two if by sea…is it three if by air?

My last few weeks of winter freedom (before the insanity of work and grad school recommences) were spent in Boston, a winter wonderland if there ever was one. While many of my friends and colleagues were escaping to Florida and California to soak in a little bit of sun and warmth, I, of course, decided to forage further in to the cold. And actually, I loved it! There is something about that extreme winter cold that I just love (yes, I know I’m crazy): the need to wrap up in scarves and hats; the strange, prickling feeling of the air condensing and freezing as you breath in; the bright, cold blast that hits you the moment you step out the door; the wonderful excuse to bundle up in blankets, sit on the couch, and drink steaming tea all day long, watching the winter world happen outside the window.

A year without winter weather is one I haven’t experienced in a while now. And I’m completely happy about that.

Boston definitely delivered. Hovering just below 0F (-17C) during the first few days of my stay, it did make make touristing a little tough, but I did get some good pictures in. And drinking tea, playing True American, cooking dinner, and catching up with A, N, and E were all wonderful indoor options Boston also provided!

Here are some winter pictures for you all to peruse of the beautiful Boston snowfall that happened while I was there. Tune back in sometime in August when part two of this year’s Boston adventures will take place.

Wishing you all winters full of white snow, falling rain, wisps of fog, or rays of sunshine…whichever one your environment provides or your heart desires.

*   *   *   *   *

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