A year in numbers

Here are just a few:

  • 119 Students attending our biggest week at Camp Galileo this past summer
  • 38 New recipes written down in my cookbook
  • 27th Birthday celebrated
  • 24ish inches of hair cut off
  • 23 Blog posts
  • 22 Sections of English classes taught at the Lycee Edouard Herriot high school in Troyes, France each two week period.
  • 18 Books read (however this does not include the thousands of pages of course-work related reading completed over the fall semester)
  • 12 Graduate school credits completed toward my Masters of Public Health degree
  • 6 Countries visited (Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, Ukraine, and the United States)
  • 3 Primary places of residence (Troyes, France; Redwood City, CA; Washington, DC)
  • 2 New Year’s Eve parties attended
  • 1 Highly entertaining and successful year
  • 0 Regrets

Of course my year was filled with far more than just numbers. Plenty of unquantifiable events unfolded: some were happy, others quite devastating.

Some personal lows: having to move away from France (my second country, my other home); the loss of Crimea to Russia, and the war and violence still tormenting Eastern Ukraine; saying goodbye to my home in California, yet again; the loss of my Mucha posters, as well as several of my personally hand-drawn charcoal and chalk drawings, in the mail; the occasional loneliness that can accompany my nomadic and travel-addicted way of life; finishing what will probably be the last formal education job I’ll ever have.

Some personal highs: K & K’s wedding, which provided the most sublime of reunions for my college friends and I (10 people squished into 2 overpriced hotel rooms with 1 magnum bottle of wine, plus champagne…yep that sounds like a recipe for fantastic fun with the friends who know me better than anyone); reconnecting with my god-mother, my god-mother’s daughter (whom I call my cousin), and a high school friend, all of whom have remained on the fringe of my social circle for years, but who have now reclaimed prominent places in my heart and schedule; finally getting to really choose the city in which I’m living(I love Washington, DC!); starting my Masters of Public Health program at GW; and getting to rejoin a community of some of the best people I’ve ever known (fellow Ukraine RPCVs who also live in DC).

Some hopes for the future:

  • Learn to better balance work, school, and play. After four years of volunteering/working, getting back into the academic world has been challenging. I hope to better balance my time (and get more sleep) this coming semester.
  • Get back into posting on my blog regularly (even if it’s just a paragraph or two).
  • Visit J in Iowa. It’s only been a few months, but it’s already been too long since I’ve seen her.
  • Somehow figure out how to pay for attending the 3 weddings to which I’ve already received invitations for this summer/fall (none of which are in driving distance, and none of which take place in the same state! Ah the joys and trials of having friends that span the States and the globe).
  • Cook more! This has been one of the habits I’ve let slide due to my tight schedule, but I really miss all the cooking from scratch I was accustomed to doing last year while living in Troyes.
  • And find a way to continue practicing French!

Of course, I can never be sure of what the future will bring (and I wouldn’t have it any other way!). I’m hoping–and preparing–for the best, but also ready to make the most out of the sharper curves that life will surely throw my way!

Wishing you all the best in 2015!



*  *  *  *  *

What was I reflecting on and anticipating a year ago at the start of 2014? You can read all about it here.


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