The Sunshine Award Post

If you haven’t already gathered by now, I’ve moved back stateside from France. And one thing that I will always associate with a move back to the States from any other country is an upswing in the level of busyness. No other country I’ve lived in requires such a constant stream of commitments, heavy work loads, and forced busyness. A part of me loves it, but it’s also always a shock. And one thing that has suffered in this most recent move is the consistency of my blog postings. They’ve been far fewer in recent weeks, and I do apologize!

This particular post has been sitting in wait for several weeks now, and I’m finally ready to post. I was nominated about 6 weeks ago by the blog Wherever I am, you are there also for the Sunshine award. Tammela, I appreciate the nomination, and the excuse it gives me to answer some fun interview questions!


When receiving The Sunshine Award there are a few rules on what happens next:

1. Include the Sunshine Award icon in your post and/or on your blog
2. Link to the blogger who nominated you
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself
4. Nominate other bloggers to receive the award
5. Link to your nominees and let them know you nominated them
6. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer

Here are the questions I got to answer:

What inspires you to blog? Just visit my about page to get a more eloquent answer. But the short of it is that writing and photography are ways in which I connect with and understand the world. I write because it’s an outlet, an enjoyment, and a pastime. I share what I write on a blog because I believe that when you have gifts, and thoughts, and talents you should share them.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be “when you grew up”? I remember in primary school I wanted to be a veterinarian. In junior high I wanted to be a doctor. I also did want to be a writer for a while, and started my first (and only) novel in sixth grade (never did finish it though…).

Regular potatoes or sweet potatoes? I LOVE sweet potatoes. So yummy! As for regular potatoes, I definitely feel that I got my fill during my 27 months as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine. Can’t say I’ve willingly made them more than once or twice since then.

What would you like to see on my blog in the future? Tammela, I LOVE your blog. I really appreciate the range of things you talk about. I particularly enjoy your recipes, as they’re usually simple and healthy. I also appreciate reviews of the classes you enroll in. I’d continue enjoying more of both those types of posts.  

What do you usually eat for breakfast? Oatmeal! I’m obsessed. I do oats with oat or almond milk, a banana, a shit-ton of cinnamon, a dash of vanilla extract for the smell and sweetness, and a bit of almond flour for some added protein.

Sweet or savory? I have such a sweet tooth! I’m addicted to dark chocolate. And the thing I miss the most when living abroad is frozen yogurt!

What is your favorite time of day, and why? I’m not a morning person, however, when I’m jet-lagged and my internal clock is off, I love being up in the early, early morning. I love the sense of accomplishment you have when it’s only 9am and you’ve already crossed off most of your to-do list.

Do you prefer hot or cold weather? Cold. I love getting wrapped up in scarves, boots, coats, and hats. It probably has something to do with being Californian, and wanting what you don’t have. I love winter, love snow, and love white Christmases. I’m not going to lie…my love of the change of seasons throughout the year is a part of why I chose to move to DC over LA this coming fall.

Where would you like to be / what would you like to be doing in 10 years? I would like to be healthy and happy; surrounded by loved ones, doing good work, helping humanity, writing when I have free time, cooking nutritious and yummy food, and travelling the world when work and finances allow! 

Next, the blogs I’m nominating for a Sunshine Award:

On Literary Europe, K writes thoughtful and literature-inspired posts concerning her experiences as an English Language Assistant in France

Rebekah posts a whole range of fun thoughts and stories on Prim & Pine, and has most recently inspired me to get back into the habit of donating blood (and you all should too!)

Chocolate and Zucchini by Clotilde has recipes that I love to try out, many featuring dark chocolate and others tons of fresh veggies. All of which I love.

And Le Blog Mathilde is a great one for francophiles, as Mathilde posts in both French and English.

Finally, for those accepting this award’s nomination, a few questions for you:

  • 1. What is one book that has had a profound affect on you or your world view?
  • 2. What is the best film you’ve seen in the past year?
  • 3. What is one of your go-to weeknight dinner recipes?
  • 4. How do you take your coffee (or tea)?
  • 5. Why do you blog?
  • 6. What’s the link to what you feel is your best or favorite blog post thus far?
  • 7. Why do you like that post?
  • 8. Spring, summer, fall, or winter?
  • 9. What is your signature drink?
  • 10. Where do you feel most at home?

I look forward to reading your answers!

Thanks again to Tammela and Wherever I am, there you are also for the nomination! This is a great blog too, filled with great recipes, stories of an American in London, and inspiring recounts of races Tammela participates in (she’ll make you want to start running too!).

Have a great June day! And I hope you’re enjoying World Cup Fever this month as much as I have been!


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