She Loves Paris, Yoga, and the Sun

Although on this side of the pond the winter has really been quite mild, the first sunny weekend of the year still feels like heaven on earth. After a winter of gray, the first beams of sunlight always seem like gifts from the gods, don’t they!? Adding to the glory of a weekend of lovely weather were: visits with friends (old and new!), a trip to Paris, some picnics, and a little impromptu yoga on the Champs de Mars.

Enjoy the photos, friends!

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4 thoughts on “She Loves Paris, Yoga, and the Sun

  1. BEAUTIFUL photos! Your cousin looks a bit like Eric to me. Glad you had fun! Making me wish I could get back to Paris again! I LOVE your new found favorite restaurant; I would love to go there with you! We have 80 degrees here in Dallas area for 2 days of this spring break week. Take care; love you!

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