“I am a triangle”

A fellow RPCV recently shared this post from another blog with me. I really enjoyed reading it and feel like this woman very accurately illustrates what it feels like to move away from your native country for long periods of time (and what it feels like to move back too). It’s worth a read:

I am a triangle


One thought on ““I am a triangle”

  1. Alexandra – my dear triangle niece – what a beautiful explanation the woman did and I totally, totally understand her and your feelings and place in this crazy world of ours. I, too, am a triangle … the year our Ulrich family lived in Amherst, Massachusettes was a critical time/age in my life (I was 15-16). I didn’t fit in when we arrived in Mass, I changed, and then I didn’t fit in back in CA … never did ‘fit’ back into CA totally. But I still call it ‘home’ in my heart. You are a very special young woman and I am so very proud of you. God has you doing wonderful and necessary things to help others. I pray that you are a happy triangle and know that it’s ‘okay’ to be a triangle….you are much loved by many, many people. Keep on, keeping on. Love you!

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