Quelle Coïncidence!

cos of pc-19
Old frame we found in our attic and moved down to the living room. Candle holders made from old yogurt containers.

My life has always seemed curiously full of coincidences. They’ve allowed me to live in the places I’ve loved , work the jobs that have shaped my world-view, and meet the people who have changed my life.

Getting to where I am now (currently sitting on our couch, in my apartment in the very center of Troyes) has been a saga of unexpected coincidences.

They start way back in California:

Running late, I burst into the French consulate in San Francisco nearly out of breath. It was just in time to overhear the last few words of the visa application appointment of the girl ahead of me. And who else did she turn out to be but the only other American teaching assistant living in Troyes.

Fast forward to now. K ended up being my flatmate. We found our quaint apartment through the yoga instructor of an English teacher at my school, who we ran into by chance at the local, weekly food market. The flat actually used to be owned by a different English teacher who also works at my school. Our furniture and appliances have been supplied by a host of welcoming and friendly new co-workers, acquaintances, and friends. We even managed to talk our way into a first free yoga class with our landlady.

Clearly, my series of fortunate events must be trying to tell me that I’m in the right place at the right time. Once again coincidence seems to have led me  to another wonderful place in the world.


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